I Too (Me Also)

by The Planet You

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released April 28, 2017

All songs written and performed by The Planet You

Recorded and Mixed by David Joseph Higdon
Produced by The Planet You and David Joseph Higdon
Mastered by Michael Cueto (ourselvesalone.bandcamp.com)

Album art by spncrsmn
(check him out on instagram)

Supported and Released by All Sounds



all rights reserved


The Planet You Montclair, New Jersey

Three piece Math Rock band from Montclair NJ..
thats about it.

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Track Name: Roses Are Subjective
They raised you up
Like a piece of astrology
Floating silently.

They raised you up
Like a piece of astrology
Please float next to me.
Track Name: Snowball Tears
The blinks I give
And her eyes
And voice of leisure.
(I can't seem to please her)

Life is concluding,
The Earth is still moving,
But I'm not the one that should
Just be choosing
The life of leader,
The price of a creature,
Protect my worst features from TV screens.

I am radio filled.
I can't seem to build
A structure of a life.
(I can't seem to please her)

Hate has the worst kind of curves
That destroy all the words in my book.
I can't fucking look up to you
And your beautiful kind.
Track Name: If Time is Circular, I'll Be Forever
Legs feel so weak,
Eyes all but bleak,
Your social sense feels so

Legs feel so weak,
Eyes also weak,
Your social sense is
Track Name: Always the Gentleman
Loose lips make it hard to be
Your friend.

Trainwreck thoughts make it hard to see
The end.
(Our end)

Divine eyes,
I wish I had the time
To save you.

Not even the finest cavalry
Can protect me from this vague anxiety
That has me spinning liquor every night.

The creases on my shirt don't market me at all,
But I am seeping through the seams waiting for the
Track Name: Ice Artisans
The confines of our chat
Have formulated me
To conclude that
I am harboring.

I worry about you,
I do.

The confines of our chat
Have formulated me
To conclude that
I am harboring
An amount worth receiving
From space
That hangs high.
Track Name: Please Guess My Birdcalls
A barrier is breached
When we feel the peaks
Of our own physique.

People are new,
You are a few
Meters behind their laces

Scenic traces.

It's just a place
To trade arms
And synchronize ourselves!

I'm just so numb
I feel nothing at all.
Track Name: The Three Tree
Where are you?

Won't stop for me,
Your hand in mine,
Forget what the past said,
Biding our time
Track Name: Metacognitive
I'm falling into your eyes.

Long goodbyes
Never seemed to sit well with me.

I'll decide what's best for me to be.

Floating so god damn ignorantly.

Sleep, you.
This dark room
Wants to be with you.
And so do I.

And so do I.