by The Planet You

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Are we all entranced? And how do we advance? I guess it's circumstance, I guess it's just the land. We are each an island, with no visitors. Everything we make, is personal pillars. Relation in repetition Is being good the epidemic? Slaves to ourselves We become our hell with two bad bricks. Have you ever seen it compromise? How does the ride feel? Nausea replies This is more than we could, place aside. Can I ask myself what I ask of you? Are answers less important when they come from you? We can become gold again, we can live like silver, bronze could be fine too… I’ll sink ships for you……….
Credulity burns in you Contending views and shattered hues You weigh yourself down Just like all of your best friends. I don’t mind that my soul sleeps on the edge Hanging from a distant choice and content Jumping in and out of old moments I’m stunned to the core, I’ve done this before. A lifeless conundrum of escapist lore. The haze of the face will not disparate. Text, call and intro to me.
I understand How written words mean 4 things at once I understand the systemic pressures of a messengers tongue The way you sit so poised in the glowing monitor Basking in the white light in front or above It’s intense for me Those extra moods I do not need consistency or mystery’s Friendships with complexities. Ancestry... Rain down the codes you type to greet. Like the flow of what enters then leaves. Amenities and serenity is all that we need. Showered in greetings we can not reply What a downfall Systems as mating calls It lives in us all Showered in greetings they multiply What a downfall Sway like a cloud above it all. I take a look at ya systems And I wonder who sent em Was it you? Was it You? Was it You? But who is the time?
We don’t feel like how we look in the picture The arms around us feel the same We stare ahead through the mirror The arms on us hang the same As we stand as pyre, what’s that say?
He takes a step to be close to himself Shadowed in it all, with space to fall Tells the places to be what they are Not like we can all sing along to a perfect post humanous song Where we know all the words, can’t get em’ wrong A swan basking in its flown steps Bound to breathe just like him Like you, he relies on birds to act metaphorical Draped with faux wisdom tellin’ you It’s all okay Distractions array Don’t hesitate Rely on... The birds that fled The birds that stayed The birds are encaged . Those who convey Feelings obtained Live in the grey Describe their stay Face your face and ask What are you today? He takes his wretched hand and throws it in his reflection It Distorts again Birds flew across from him, wondered what that meant to him Back to himself again Focus on the mask again, craft what heals the tense. Let’s all breathe again
Teethful, with an exhale A table, with no credence. Where has the earth replaced you? Wait till this thing comes together… No need it grins the same, In every single lovely way In a nest of clothes that you wear Hollow yourself out in the mirror Make up, a fake error The place where those that love you Make you feel important, but controlled They are the same person you don’t know Outsiders face in as the mime, Becoming all holistic in time. Sun On, Sun Off It becomes what it is. But acts how it’s not. An orange room A place of thought And we’re all breathing...aren’t we?? What’s a thief without an object? What’s life without a concept? What’s a message without a friend? Humans built, but with a fence (offense) Wash that sun off, and let the lushes rays form and dissepate Let your eager self, pry at the iron gates, holding bags of traits Don’t let them tell you what you are Let spells within you learn to catch themselves, learn to cast themselves. Your shadow will love it, and there’s nothing wrong with that…
I offer you my attention Holding the electric lesson Found inside of an error Your name rings through me He thinks of ways to bring himself down down down down Just like all of his friends Friends with friends just like you It all sits under rain But it all just seems to stay the same He burns himself down Becomes a carrier As he... Dreams of the past Why let it go if you make it last? Before the phone screens It’s never what it means I NEED OTHERS NOW There there! Nobody wants to be a faceless person with no energy A good old fashion rogue, something a mother could hold Slithers to his hole, weeps with all his eclectic souls It’s satisfying to reach, not to hold. He will be complacent again... Armies and lovers will squeal Let the breath you take be the winds Growing grins and teeth like pins We all end as we begin Effort low and slow sweet spins He weighs himself down just like all of your friends A rogue man sleeps in a twist Venn diagrams burn just like lists It all just hovers above him We are entranced, why advance or complicate the sane Are we them? It all just stares at him The likes, comments and peaceful involvements Shadow of what he wants to be Broken now he heads to his house Completely surfaced forgets the purpose of why he needs em around He’s an island now... Scaling his home Enters his room Lays his head once more The sun whispered in his face... the moment passed Darkness in his glass, takes a sip of that This is just the realest thing he’s had. He calls you again, wonders how you’ve been You call him contrived, a slow learner with his own life. He laughs like a turbine, surveying like it’s the first time He says the sun is high today, let’s make shadows and befriend them You reply, that sounds nice, do they have batteries? To make em last a lifetime?


released January 18, 2020

The Planet You is:

Maximillian Manziyenko
Pete Diamantis
Rob McNamara

Album Credits:

All music written and performed by TPY
Mixed and Recorded by Victoria Seagriff
Produced by Victoria Seagriff and TPY
Mastered by Kevin Brunhober
Violin performed by Jessica Finkelstein
Artwork by Taylor Adams


all rights reserved



The Planet You Montclair, New Jersey

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